BRENDA BEDDOME creates fashion that moves in harmony with the body, and exudes modern styling for the woman who wants great fitting clothing to fit her busy lifestyle.

Brenda is known for the fit of the pants, jackets and tops, which compliment a woman’s body, are stylish and very comfortable for work or weekend.

Born in Saskatchewan, Brenda loved to make her own clothes from the age of 12. At 21 she graduated from Ryerson with a degree in Fashion Design. Two years later she launched her first fashion line and hasn’t looked back since.

Brenda is proudly Canadian and has always believed in designing and manufacturing her creations in Canada creating jobs and opportunities for new businesses that have sprung up as a direct result of working with her.

Brenda enjoys working with stretch fabrics and natural Eco fabrics as much as she can to better achieve comfort and ease of wear, moving towards a more sustainable world. Brenda’s goal is to enable women to look and feel their best, projecting their best attributes with confidence to the world.